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From Stefan Seelmann <>
Subject Re: [LDAP Studio] How to handle attributes with empty values?
Date Sat, 21 Apr 2007 12:03:12 GMT
Emmanuel Lecharny schrieb:

> Any scenario where a user want to 'nullify' some value, but still get
> the attributeType in the list or returned value. For instance, if you
> have a weak program written on top of a ldap server, which is expecting
> an attributeType, whatever is the value, then you must be able to return
> this empty value.
> This is a little bit tortuous, as there is nowhere in the spec where it
> is explicitely said that empty values should be accepted. However, it is
> said that values should respect the AttributeType syntaxes, so if these
> syntaxes does not accept empty values, we are good.


> The perfect exemple is seeAlso : empty DN is valid. I personnaly think
> that this is a very special case (it represent the rootDSE) and should
> not be accepted, but this is the way ot goes. What should we do ? I had
> to modify the DN syntaxChecker to accept emptyDN, even if I don't think
> this is a good idea. Was I wrong ?

ADS accepts the empty DN, so it works right.

>> LDAP Studio displays this values correctly. But it is not possible to
>> add such an empty value. Moreover, an empty value is deleted when adding
>> a second non-empty value or when editing the empty value in the search
>> result editor. And the LDIF editor marks a line with an empty value as
>> erroneous. These bugs must be fixed.
> Do you mean those errors are ADS ones?

No, ADS works perfectly. The problem is that you can't add empty values
when using LS. It is a LS Browser restriction.

>> Currently the empty string cancels editing. If you add a new value and
>> let it empty it isn't transfered to the server. If you edit an existing
>> value and make it empty the operation is canceled and the old value
>> remains.
>> So my question is how should LS assist the user when s/he wants to add
>> an empty value?
>> Some suggestions:
>> - When adding a new empty value or editing an existing value we could
>> prompt: "Do you really want to save the empty value?"
>> - A special action: "Make this value empty"
> I would suggest that the LdapBrowser include the schema syntaxCheckers,
> to guaranty that empty values are accepted only when allowed. It will
> limit the potential problems when injecting them into the server. wdyt ?

Hm, thats a very good idea. I think we already use some, e.g. the ACI
parser in the ACI edtior. But we could add those checkers to every editor.

Stefan Seelmann

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