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From Stefan Zoerner <>
Subject Re: Question on schema elements in documentation: OIDs for examples?
Date Sat, 21 Apr 2007 09:16:45 GMT
Thanks for the feedback, Ole! I have continued the work an the text, but 
I have not finished it yet.

Ole Ersoy wrote:
> It looks really good.  I'll probably we frequenting that when I need
> reminders.  :-)
> Also, I found Emmanuel's tip for browsing the Schema partition
> (by adding an ou=schema connection) to LDAP studio really handy.

Good idea. I have added this option with a screen shot of LDAP Studio.

> Here's another attempt:
> =======================================================================
> The schema of an LDAP server is a set of entries of the following types:
> - ObjectClass
> - AttributeType,
> - Syntax
> - MatchingRule
> The first three types of entries are used to the schema rules / 
> structure of other stored in the server.  ApacheDS 1.5.0 comes with a 
> completely redesigned schema subsystem. It enables dynamic schema
> updates, like the creation of new AttributeType or ObjectClass entries 
> at runtime.
> =======================================================================

A user from the target group of this section plans to define/add a new 
custom object class. Not necessarily an ObjectClass entry.
Not all LDAP servers store their schema elements as entries in the DIT 
(ApacheDS 1.0 for instance does not, this holds true for several other 
vendors as well).
I would prefer to keep the motivation server independent. So the readers 
can also learn about the general concepts, not only ApacheDS.

> I think the only thing that needed grammatic fixing was this part:
> =======================================================================
> It allows to dynamically update the schema,
> =======================================================================

I have included this one. This is very helpful, my English really needs 
some refurbishment.

Greetings from Hamburg,
     Stefan Zoerner (szoerner)

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