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From Ole Ersoy <>
Subject Re: [CONSTANTS] Changing AT and OC
Date Thu, 19 Apr 2007 17:31:48 GMT

Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:

> I said, 'do it', then alex said don't. And he explained why. I respect 
> Alex rationals, and I may have said 'do' a little bit too quickly. My bad.
>      > - respect existing conventions even if you don't like them
>     What does that mean exactly (In terms of the current context)? 
> This is a general rule, and it's not targeting you. It's for everyone, 
> me included. The perfect example is that I should not have told you 'go' 
> without asking Alex before. 

Ah - OK.  That makes sense.

>     Also, if it's not broken don't fix is VERY ambiguous.
>     Lets just stick to facts and concepts ok?  Communicate clearly
>     and simply with examples if necessary.
> Just a general sentence. I try to say 'focus on serious issues'. We are 
> still waiting the RPM packager you promized month ago, and DAS is 
> serious business too. Don't get lost in small details. Keep the good 
> work on, keep focus on DAS, you are close to a good solution, I think.

Yeah - I think we're getting close :-)
In general if I see something I think can be made better,
I suggest it and clarify my rationale.  There's no rush
to do these things.

What I was looking at in this case was that if I refactor
the constants now, it means that I don't have to do it later,
which I like.  I try to take care of some trivial thing right up front
when possible.  But if we all don't like then it stays, and we get
on with the serious business.

>     You said do it.  Alex said don't do it.
>     This is a democracy.  We all have to agree before
>     something is done.  That means we have to discuss
>     it and make sure everyone has clearly understood each other's
>     rationale.
> Sometime it's a litle bit more complicated. This is a meritocracy. Alex 
> merit is enormous, and we should respect that. 


> Even if he is wrong, he 
> deserves respect. 


> We all owe him a lot, 

> because he started this project. 
> When he says "don't", I back him, just because Alex is 99% right, when 
> i'm only 50%. I won't fight for the 1%, if it's not important.

My philosophy is to make sure I'm clearly understood and if I see
something where I think the rationale is off I point it out.

I back "I understand your rationale, but like it like this so don't 
change it".  That's fine.
It's ok to agree to disagree :-)

> Now, we can discuss things, but this is not because we don't agree that 
> you are right. (Churchill)
>      >
>      > I should have asked Alex before telling you to move on. My bad.
>      >
>     True.
> Yep. Shit happens. We do mistake, all of us. I'm sorry if you have to 
> revert code you have already changed, and spoiled time.

No biggie.  It's a very trivial change.  I think we just thought Alex
was on board, because the boat was docked for a long time, but we are all
busy and don't necessarily see all the mails right away, ces't la vie.

- Ole

> -- 
> Regards,
> Cordialement,
> Emmanuel L├ęcharny
> <>

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