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From Stefan Zoerner <>
Subject New schema subsystem question (elements with same oid?)
Date Mon, 16 Apr 2007 18:55:38 GMT
Hi all!

I found some time to test the new schema sub system of ApacheDS 1.5 and 
I am really impressed how nice it works.

During some additions of new attribute types and object classes, I found 
a behavior for which I am not sure whether it is an error: I was able to 
add a new object class and a new attribute type with the same OID value.

I used an LDIF import to extend my schema, my attribute type for 
instance looked like this (just a test OID used):

dn: m-oid=9.9.9,ou=attributeTypes,cn=sevenSeasSchema,ou=schema
m-equality: integerOrderingMatch
objectClass: metaAttributeType
objectClass: metaTop
objectClass: top
m-name: numberOfGuns
m-oid: 9.9.9
m-singleValue: TRUE
m-description: Number of guns of a ship
m-collective: FALSE
m-obsolete: FALSE
m-noUserModification: FALSE

Afterwards I added the following objectclass:

dn: m-oid=9.9.9,ou=objectClasses,cn=sevenSeasSchema,ou=schema
objectClass: top
objectClass: metaTop
objectClass: metaObjectclass
m-supObjectClass: top
m-oid: 9.9.9
m-name: ship
m-must: cn
m-may: numberOfGuns
m-may: description
m-typeObjectClass: STRUCTURAL
m-obsolete: FALSE
m-description: A ship

I assumed this should fail (two schema elements with the same OID added 
to the schema). Am I right here? Or is it not allowed to use a plain 
LDIF import to load schema elements? If it is an error, I'll try to 
isolate the problem to several tests and raise a JIRA ...

Thanks in advance and greetings from Hamburg,

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