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From Ole Ersoy <>
Subject [Partitions] Use Cases
Date Mon, 16 Apr 2007 03:52:04 GMT
Hey Guys,

I was thinking about how the DAS could work
without users having to configure new partitions
when wanting to store something like:

ou=Accounts, ou=users, ou=example, ou=com

My first thought was to have the DAS user
add a new partition with

DN: ou=com

But that seems like
a lot of additional effort to ask users
to expend, if they don't want to change the
partition implementation.

So what the DAS do is use a pre-configured
partition, like system.  Then it would
just add the entries ou=com, etc. under system.

Would it make sense to have a "Workspace"
like default partition added.  Maybe called
"default", that does not have any entries and
is backed by the default partition.

Then later once more partition implementations
are added, we could have


where these would represent pre-configured
default partitions backed by different
partition implementations.

This way, DAS users can use these, and they get to
skip doing any additional configuration.


- Ole

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