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From Mark Swanson <>
Subject Re: Q: 1.5.0 custom partition + custom schema?
Date Sat, 14 Apr 2007 17:51:40 GMT
> you may have some very tricky bugs if you use uppercased names. As a ule 
> of thumb, you should always use AttributesImpl inside the server.

Ok, good to know.

>> It's a very minor point - so minor I didn't even bother to mention it 
>> when I first ran into it. But since you asked.. :-)
> It's not so minor ! Thanks to raise this point, I think we should add 
> some clear warnings about them, because they are thise little things 
> that make you lose a *lot* of time :)


>> <snip/>
>> I created an in-memory partition to test the overhead of ApacheDS and 
>> did some profiling. I didn't post any of it because I figured it would 
>> be obsolete (1.0 codebase). If you are interested in such data let me 
>> know and I'll post some of it from time to time to the list.
> Oh, man, we *are* interested ! There is not so much difference between 
> 1.0 and 1.5 when it comes to partition, and trust me, we are very 
> interested in spendning some time porting a in-memory partition to 1.5! 
> So feel free to push it to us :) We are also interested by any kind of 
> profiling sessions results.

Oh... well I wish I had communicated more often earlier on. I just did
this to test the feasibility of the project. The in-memory partition has
grown into the full fledged partition I'm currently using. When I switch
to 1.5 I'll see about piecing it back together into an in-memory one. 
Note: it was not too special - not all methods were implemented just 
add/delete/update capability and had a number of limitations..

I'll send the results of future profiling results. I'll try to profile 
with multiple simultaneous clients.

> Thanks a lot for using ADS ! What you did with the partition is 
> something we didn't had time to do, and we are really interested to 
> expose such a piece of work to the community.
> We are also very eager to grow our little project and community, so if 
> you feel like participate to it, this will be a pleasure for us !

Excellent response. Thanks to everyone here for creating ADS. ADS looks 
very well engineered and I look forward to participating as well as 
using ADS in commercial projects.


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