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From Mark Swanson <>
Subject Re: Q: 1.5.0 custom partition + custom schema?
Date Sat, 14 Apr 2007 06:16:15 GMT
Alex Karasulu wrote:
> Yep it just keeps better now that we can compliment the server with some 
> serious tooling.  If you have any suggestions, feedback or ideas please 
> feel free to ping us.  You're one of our first users so you get some 
> priority :).

Thanks for that.
I plan to get back to 1.5 soon, but I really need to get something out 
based on 1.0 asap.

I really must say that I'm very impressed with everything so far. The 
only thing that briefly tripped me up is that the LockableAttributesImpl 
is case insensitive by default - whereas BasicAttributes is case 
sensitive by default. This actually breaks some things. Some of the 
Apacheds code is hard coded to use 'objectclass' instead of 'objectClass'.

It's a very minor point - so minor I didn't even bother to mention it 
when I first ran into it. But since you asked.. :-)

Some random comments:

I'm thankful ApacheDS is using slf4j.
The error reporting and logging is truly excellent.

I created an in-memory partition to test the overhead of ApacheDS and 
did some profiling. I didn't post any of it because I figured it would 
be obsolete (1.0 codebase). If you are interested in such data let me 
know and I'll post some of it from time to time to the list.


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