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From Ole Ersoy <>
Subject Re: [JNDI] Navigating the DIT
Date Wed, 11 Apr 2007 17:46:15 GMT
Hi Stefan,

Thanks - I've read it a few times, and kept scanning it again
last night to see whether I could find something that did
what I wanted, but it seemed like all the bind stuff was
for binding java objects, and the lookup stuff for looking
up Java Objects...

I was really looking for something like a DOM API layer on top
of JNDI maybe, so that it would be easy to look for kids or a kid.

Something like
ctx.getChildren()...which would delegate to how jndi does this...

So since an entry does not store knowledge of children,
the jndi code that is delegated to
would have to figure out who the children are per some
definition of children...

I know there's a similar concept to this in the SWT JFace Tree Viewer,
I think the ItemAdapter stores knowledge of what is considered an
instance's children, and the LabelAdapter is used to come up with
the label displayed in the tree node.

Anyways, I'll give the lookup method a shot, and then probably
create a layer like this so I can get around the DIT a little
more nimbly.

- Ole

Stefan Zoerner wrote:
> Ole Ersoy wrote:
>> Does anyone know if there's a utility or something
>> for navigating a
>> ctx = ctx.getChild(rdn)?
>> Which would return a new DirContext
>> bound to the child rdn?
> Hi Ole,
> for general JNDI concepts, the tutorial from Sun is quite helpful, see
> for details.
> Greetings from Hamburg,
>     Stefan

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