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From Ole Ersoy <>
Subject [JNDI] Navigating the DIT
Date Wed, 11 Apr 2007 03:15:08 GMT
Hey Guys,

Got a question.

Before writing a DataGraph we need to make sure the the 
InitialDirectoryContext exists.

Suppose the base DN is:

DN: cn=Accounts, cn=users, cn=example, ou=com

And previous another model had this as its base DN

DN: cn=Authorization, cn=users, cn=example, ou=com

However the DAS does not know that the context
DN: cn=users, cn=example, ou=com


So it wants to start with the initial context
DN: ou=com

Then it wants to check if the subcontext
cn=example exists, and jump to it if it does.  Otherwise
it will just create it, and the returned context will
be the right one.

So I have some code like this:

public static DirContext createSubcontext(DirContext dirContext, String 
             dirContext = dirContext.createSubcontext( subContext );
         catch ( NamingException e )
             //change to the subcontext?
         return dirContext;

So this tries to create the subcontext and if an
exception thrown it wants to change to the
subcontext that it tried to create.

I looked through the DirContext javadocs did not see
a way to do this.  Seems like it should be really easy

Any ideas?

- Ole

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