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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: [kRoy] Comment: "ldap"
Date Tue, 10 Apr 2007 22:35:52 GMT
kRoy a écrit :

> Dear Emmanuel,
> First of all: thank you for visiting my site :-)
> Here is the translation of my post:
> "As luck would have it, I had to check and update an LDAP-schema.  
> Until now I used LDAP Browser for such things, but it's a bit languid  
> for me, it's Swing-based and the Swing is not my best friend. That is  
> why I started looking around for a neat SWT-based application or at  
> least for an Eclipse-plugin. It finished with an unexpected success:  
> I found the Apache LDAP Studio which is available as a standalone RCP- 
> application but you can download it as an individual plugin in order  
> to integrate this cool product to your own application or even to any  
> Eclipse-based  product. It is worth checking out!"
> Sorry for the grammatical mistakes it's 0:25 AM :-) Anyway please  
> check it, and if you find it useful I'll append it to my original  
> (hungarian) post.
Thanks a lot Karoly !

May we put a link to your post on Ldap Studio web site ?


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