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From Stefan Seelmann <>
Subject Re: [Schema] ObjectClass DN Correct?
Date Tue, 10 Apr 2007 21:10:26 GMT
Ole Ersoy schrieb:
> Hi Stefan,
> ..  The only reason I would
> use something like an outline view is so I can see
> all the Schema name components.
> Like "ou=objectClasses, ou=tuscany, ou=schema"
> So in this case I imagined that when I opened the Schema Browser
> the outline view would have ou=schema at the root.
> Then I could drill down into the subcontexts, like
> ou=tuscany
> ou=core
> ou=ecore
> etc.
> Then their subcontext (ObjectClasses, AttributeTypes, Syntaxes).  The
> properties view would be used to display
> the attributes of entry.
> That's just a two second imagineering :-)
> Does it make any sense?

Sure, that makes sense.

What you describe is ApacheDS specific. Only ADS has the dynamic schema
under ou=schema and only ADS has that structure.

I think the Schemas Editor plugin works in that way. Please take a look
at it. Once it is extended to load and edit the schema directly from the
server you will have what you want :)

The Schema Browser works more generic, it works (should work) with every
LDAP directory server. It reads the schema from the subschemaSubentry,
that is described in the attribute subschemaSubentry of the RootDSE. In
ADS this is "cn=schema", not the "cn", not "ou". And it is a read-only
view. If you don't see the RootDSE and the cn=schema entry with LS
please enable the option "Show Directory Metadata" in the LDAP Browser view.


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