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From Stefan Seelmann <>
Subject Re: [Schema] ObjectClass DN Correct?
Date Tue, 10 Apr 2007 20:15:12 GMT
Alex Karasulu schrieb:

> Yeah it's really good stuff.  But don't try to use the schema browser
> now because I don't think it pulls the schema of the server.  What
> you're looking at in the schema browser are the schema elements in
> schema files.
> Correct me if I am wrong Stefan.

Sure ;)

There are two kind of schema stuff in LS:

1st the Schemas Editor plugin with its own "Schemas" perspective. It is
used to edit schema files in OpenLDAP format, atm only offline. It looks
like this:

2nd the Schema Browser that is part of the Browser plugin. It shows the
schema from the server (from the subschemSubentry). To open it just
rightclick the connection and select "Open Schema Browser". It looks
like this:

>     Incidentally, do you know (Stefan?) if LDAP Studio
>     has a Schema drill down "Outline View" like the one
>     in JXPlorer?  I think in JXPlorer (Just from looking
>     at the "Writing Java Objects to ApacheDS Part1" article),
>     has a Schema tab, and below it one can drill down into
>     the various Schema nodes.  I looked LDAP Studio Schema Browser,
>     and noticed the tabs with Schema node categories, and I was thinking
>     that it would probably trigger a drill down view in the outline pane...

Ok, the LS Schema Browser doesn't have a drill down outline. But I think
it shows all information that JXplorer shows.

The tree in JXplorer has tree levels:
  1st "schema"
    2nd category like objectClasses or attributeTypes
      3rd the concrete schema element like person or cn
When selecting the concrete schema element all its details are displayed
in the right frame.

In LS you could select the category using the tabs. Each tab contains a
a master detail view. On the left side there is a list with all
available objectClasses, when selecting one the details are displayed on
the right side. You could click the links in the detail part to jump to
the corresponding schema elements and you could use the history
navigation to jump back/forward.

Could you please describe how such a drill down outline could look like?


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