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From "Mehmet D. Akın" <>
Subject [LDAPStudio]LDAP core functions
Date Tue, 10 Apr 2007 12:53:52 GMT

We are planning to write a management application in which we need to 
manipulate and query data on a LDAP server. Things like user, groups  
computer and software configurations  will be in the repository and our 
program will be a graphical user interface to manipulate and query these 
specific data. (Something like Microsoft's Active directory console, but 
ours will be for a Linux distro..)

LDAP Studio provides perfect schema definition and querying 
capabilities. and it allready has lots of boilerplate code like ldif, 
query and schema parsers. What I am asking is, Is it possible to use 
this core functions out of the studio, There are some LDAP Java SDK's 
like OpenLDAP Java SDK, Mozilla's LDAP SDK etc. I am quite confused by 
options here. Would it makes sense writing our schema editor modules as 
Eclipse plugins and deploy them with LDAP Studio , there by having both 
low level access to LDAP and specific management GUI's for our own schema?


Mehmet D. AKIN

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