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From Ole Ersoy <>
Subject Re: [ApacheDS][Partition] Using surrogate keys for attributeType aliases and objectClass aliases (was Re: [SCHEMA] Can two different LDAP AttributeType's have the same name?)
Date Fri, 06 Apr 2007 18:39:15 GMT

> The sequene diagram will not fit on a A-3 page (note  I didn't used A3 : 
> A4 < A3 < A2... < A0 < A-1 < A-2 < A-3 etc...) (bwt, the largest 
> available format for paper is A0 atm, and Ai = 4xA(i+1) ...)

Yeah - It would be nice to have one in a web page though.

>     <snip/>
>     <snip/>
>     My goal is to keep the 200M entries in Memory.
> Forget about the idea to store 200 M entries in memory. This is just 
> impossible. An entry is around 1Kbytes, and you won't ever have a 200 Gb 
> mem server ...

Yeah - I just wanted to use an extreme example because
I think that storing "1" 200 M times in memory
or "500" 200 M times in memory will result in about
half the memory consumed vs. storing something like:

1.434.434534.4353465, although I would have to run tests
to validate that.

> This is something that will be available in 2.0. We have discussed about 
> it with Alex those last three months, and I think we will have a level 
> of indirection. Basically, if you have 500 attributeTypes, pointing on 
> 200M entries, then you will have a N-N relation between AT and entries. 
> This will be solved with an intermediate table, with Longs in it :
> AT-Long / entry-Long
> where AT-long represent the AtttributeType unique ID into ADS and the 
> very same for Entry-long
> This is explained here : 

Awesome - That makes sense - I think between this, the material Alex 
sent, and the DAS I should be able to stay busy for a little while :-)

Thanks Emmanuel,
- Ole

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