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From Ole Ersoy <>
Subject Re: [Documentation] Partition Concept - Sound OK?
Date Sun, 01 Apr 2007 18:05:37 GMT
Thanks for hanging in there Emmanuel and Stefan :-)

I think (Hope :-) ) the lights are starting to burn
a little brighter over here.

So this statement:

Multiple partitions may exist, the entry trees they contain are 
disconnected to each other.

Means that:
- We can have multiple partitions within ApacheDS.
- Entries contained in one partition do not reference entries in another 
partition, either directly or indirectly (A points to B, C points to B, 
hence C points to A)?
- An entry in partition A can be a copy of an entry in partition B

So I'm assuming disconnected means that changing any entry
in partition A, will never affect any entry in partition B.

If that is the case then I still think the entries are
mutually exclusive.

In the same sense that copies are mutually exclusive.

We can make a copy of a source, name it target,
and change target.  Changing the target has no effect
on the source, so they are mutually exclusive.

I'm just trying to zoom in on what disconnected means...


I know these things are defined all over the place, In other
tutorials etc.  I personally prefer that we have our own
concept section where we define concepts, such that we can:
- link to them whenever a concept is being used in a document
- Easily update the source per comments / suggestions, per a change in 
the concept

- Ole

P.S.  I managed to log onto the wiki, so I'll start updating
grammer/english stuff.  I'll only change how an idea/concept is
communicated if we first
agree on it.

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