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From Qing Li <>
Subject [Request] A Interview Request from Syracuse University OSS Research Group
Date Wed, 25 Apr 2007 03:30:42 GMT
Dear Directory developers,

We are Free/Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS) research group in  
Syracuse University, USA. (Please see our website: ). I know most of you don?t know us, but we are  
actually ?part of Directory community? now (Quoted from Alex :- ))  
Last year, we had a great time talking with some of Directory  
developers-- including Alex, Emmanuel, Ersin, PAM--at ApacheCon Austin  
2006. We're contacting you know because we would like to do an  
in-depth interview with the Directory developers.

The main purpose of this interview is to examine the role of shared  
mental models (shared understanding) in work practices, i.e., the way  
people coordinate, communicate, learn and make decisions, and the way  
such models emerge within Directory team. In particular, the interview  
will be focused on five elements, namely the history of the project,  
the project aspects considered as peculiar, the adopted work practices  
and the way each team member perceives his/her role and the role  
played by other members.

We have already mentioned our research to Alex. He is very supportive  
of it and asked us to post this request in the public developer list  
to attract extensive participation. The whole interview will take  
about 20-30 minutes and can be conducted by phone, Skype or  
face-to-face (for the developers attending ApacheCon Europe in  
Amsterdam). The results will be presented we hope at a future  
ApacheCon and in other academic conferences. We will be very  
appreciative of your kindness if you are willing to provide some time  
to attend our interview : -) . We?d like to share any interesting  
findings with your team after conducting the analysis.

If you are interested in the research and willing to be interviewed,  
please contact us: Qing Li ( and Yeliz Eseryel  
( We are very happy to provide more information  
for you.

Cheers ! To great Directory!
FLOSS Research Group ( )
April 23, 2007
Syracuse University, USA

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