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From Trevor Ryan <>
Subject problem compiling a new schema for ApacheDS
Date Thu, 26 Apr 2007 13:45:45 GMT
  I've just downloaded the stable version 1.0.1 of apacheDS and I'm trying to add a new schema
(to integrate a uddi server). I am using Java version 1.6.
  As I'm new to apacheDS and LDAP (and Maven), I'm following the example in the online advanced
user guide at 
  All goes fine up to the step labelled "Compiling, and running tests on the example car.schema".
When I tried this, the first compile error I got was that the generated code used generics
(a Java 1.5 feature), but the compiler was trying to use Java 1.3 source level.
  I found out that I could specify the source and target level in the pom.xml file, and that
got rid of the version problem. However, I then got lots of compile errors because of two
missing packages which the generated Java code was trying to import. The packages were: 
  I don't know where this is coming from. 
  I looked in the apacheds-core-1.0.1.jar file, and found the package: perhaps the package names have changed, and the maven project for this example no
longer matches the apacheDS libraries.
  Can anybody help with this? 

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