Hi guys,

I'm just back from hollidays, and as I forgot everything about ADS, I was reading the BUG to know how to use it ;)

I have a few questions, and I would like to know what is your opinion :

1) What is the status of the BUG ? Should we considerate it as a 1.0 version, or is it still a RC ?
2) What about considering documentation as whole project, with version number, to be sure that we have completed them, and that their status is ok ?
3) Is there some work done to organize the AUG ?
4) What about renamming the BUG to something less frightening ? (even if I found it funny, talking about BUG can be confusion for users ;)
5) We have had some e-mail form infra about the way we have setup the site (it seems we are not pointing to mirrors, but to eos, which will be died soon, AFAIK )

thoughts ?

Emmanuel Lécharny