On 3/21/07, Ole Ersoy <ole.ersoy@gmail.com> wrote:
>     The logger.jar in the bin directory is the log4j dependency right?
> Yep it is.
>     Once the classloading is redone, can we load the logging classes from
>     /usr/share/hava/logger- verrsion.jar or does it have to be in
>     apacheds-1.5.0/bin for some reason?
> Well there is a tiny problem with location.  I think some executable
> jar files
> expect it in the bin directory relative to the installation home.  So
> yes position
> is important for it.  However we might be able to work around this
> easily.  I'd
> have to look at the manifest and what we can do with the installers to
> make
> this jar's position variable.

OK - Cool - Pretty minor deal really - It's just slightly more
if we get it as a dependency.

Um incidentally the logs will be located in /var/logs/apacheds-version
.... in case that
makes a difference on how the logging is configured.

Also is it the same case for commons-daemon.jar (Does it need to be in bin)?

Yes this is the same situation for the daemon.jar.  It is needed before the
apacheds specific jars are needed.