This is awesome Ole but I ran into some problems ...

I tried building the project at the SVN URL but I could not get it to build.
Looks like several required dependency poms could not be found.  Perhaps
there is an issue wrt the repository it is using?


On 3/16/07, Ole Ersoy <> wrote:
Hey Guys,

I uploaded the RPM factory and supporting projects to my sandbox.

I have run it on a pretty sizable portion of a locally mirrored maven
and it's pretty solid.  Once in a while there is a hick up if a pom has
invalid elements...

If anyone is itching to use it I can walk you through the install.

From 50K feet, you just need to:

-  locally mirror the maven repository
- Take a chunk of it that you want to RPM and put it in a directory
- Run the RPM factory archetype to create a sample project
- Point the RPM Factory Archetype project repository base parameter to
the directory containing the portion of the maven respository that you
want to RPM
- Run this: mvn org.apache.maven:rpm.factory.mojo:1.0-SNAPSHOT:generate

And it a short while you will have a bunch of RPMs in the Archetype
Project's src/main/resources/build/rpm/RPMS directory.

The factory filters SNAPSHOTS and pom's without licenses, so RPMs for
these won't show up.

Hope to have the Daemon and Classloader configuration understood and
redone soon, so that we can setup a Yum repository for the
RPM installer.

Have a terrific weekend everybody,
- Ole