I think we have workarounds for some issues and live fine with them but I just want
to find out what people are thinking and if there are bugs that matter.

I know for one if this darn bug associated with maven repo permissions were guaranteed
to be fixed I'd be moving to that version but I don't think this is the case at least with
2.0.5 which breaks our build BTW.  I did not investigate this further however I'm hoping
2.0.6 does not and fixes this little issue.


On 3/16/07, Alex Karasulu <akarasulu@apache.org> wrote:

Maven just had it's 2.0.5 release but a 2.0.6 seems to be in the making.  Should we stick
to what we have since it just works or should we move on to 2.0.5 or just wait until 2.0.6?

[ X ] Don't change if it works
[  ] Move on to 2.0.5
[  ] Wait to upgrade when 2.0.6 is released