Thanks for doing so.  Sounds like CA is working on a VD solution based on ApacheDS much like Identyx (w/ Penrose) is working on one.  Would be good to at least have some testimonials from both camps.  There's a lot of products out there that use ApacheDS in one way or another.  It would be nice if more of them revealed that.


On 3/15/07, Norval Hope <> wrote:
I'm happy to assist as like AD and really appreciate having been able to use it as a base in my day job. However, the degree to which I can contribute is limitted by some factors:
  1. I'm flat out busy at the moment on the releases of my day job project
  2. My employer (CA) is very sensitive about the IP of our current solution built on top of AD, and to avoid conflict of interest they've said they don't mind me sharing broad-brush insights and findings but want me to tread very carefully when it comes to coding and detailed design, especially in areas outside of enhancing the AD core framework itself to make it more VD friendly.
Hence I may be of some use as a "domain consultant" (for whatever my personal experience is worth) but less so as a major VD developer as such. Just thought I should put my cards on the table and make the situation clear.