Cool yeah let's add the Kerberos bean if you already did it.  Again
the more features you add in your branch tho the more difficult it
becomes to read the diffs before a merge but we can manage it.
Again if you can accomodate putting this bean under the ServerStartupConfiguration
that would be great.  As stated before we'll re-evaluate all this with a refactoring session
later on.
On 3/15/07, Enrique Rodriguez <> wrote:
Hi, Directory developers,

Since we seem to have consensus about making a bean for
LdapConfiguration, I'd like to do the same for Kerberos, in the SASL
branch.  We actually already have a KerberosConfiguration class, it
just was never implemented for Spring XML config as a bean.  Since I'm
working on SASL/GSSAPI, which uses LDAP and Kerberos, I'd like to get
both Kerberos and LDAP configuring the same way.  Then when we do a
1.5.1 release with SASL it will be part of a cohesive effort to make a
combined LDAP+Kerberos server easy to run.

There's some risk here of feature creep in the SASL branch, but this
is easy work and, again, I think it's part of a solid SASL initiative.

I know we're down to the minor detail of whether to make the beans
subordinate to the ServerStartupConfig or not, and whatever we decide
there I'll do with the Kerberos bean.