Ok so you basically have this LDAPConfiguration bean contained under the ServerStartupConfiguration?  Meaning I would get and set the LDAPConfiguration bean on the ServerStartupConfiguration?
In terms of deps this sounds good.  You have the LDAPConfig bean in the protocol module which the server-jndi module depends on.  So this is nice because then the server-jndi can just have the subordinate object under the SSConfig bean.
If this is correct it sounds good to me.  I looked at the doco too just now ... config looks cleaner.  However this bean is under the configuration bean in the server.xml file I suspect.  Is this correct?
Can you elaborate a tiny bit more on the configuration changes in the doco just so there are no questions?

On 3/14/07, Trustin Lee <trustin@gmail.com> wrote:
On 3/14/07, Enrique Rodriguez <enriquer9@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi, Directory developers,
> I wrote a quick LdapConfiguration bean and moved minor config to it,
> to make sure I knew how to get a bean loaded and into the
> ServerContextFactory.  I'm now ready to move more parameters to this
> bean.  In case it wasn't clear from my last email on consolidating
> LDAP protocol config into a bean called LdapConfiguration and placing
> it in the 'protocol-ldap' module, I mocked-up an example of what
> configuring such a bean might look like:
> http://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/DIRxSBOX/LDAP+Protocol+Configuration
> As you can see this combines the parameters used by the LDAP protocol
> in their own bean and then adds in the required parameters currently
> hard-coded in SASL's ConfigureChain.  To be clear, this REMOVES LDAP
> protocol parameters from the StartupConfiguration hierarchy.  Besides
> having a nice but minor effect on our dependency graph, IMO it is also
> clearer for admins to have all the LDAP protocol config in one place.
> I'd like to wire this up for real and commit it.  We can of course
> tweak names and do more advanced config later; mostly I want to make
> sure it's OK to make a moderately invasive change to
> StartupConfiguration/ServerContextFactory.  I need to do something for
> SASL and I'd rather not pack more config options into the
> StartupConfiguration hierarchy.

Looks good to me.

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