On 3/12/07, Enrique Rodriguez <enriquer9@gmail.com> wrote:
I looked at the way ApacheDS does Spring config, the relationship with
the daemon code, etc., and I'm ready to start in on configuration for
SASL.  What I'd like to do is create a bean for the LDAP protocol
provider that resides in the protocol-ldap module, maybe named
LdapProtocolConfiguration.  This would contain the SASL parameters and
I could also move over the 3 properties that are used by the LDAP PP
from the ServerStartupConfiguration:

There are a couple snags to watch out for.  First you want to make sure those configuration parameters are not used by the core context factory.  Secondly watch out for maven dependency issues ... these have come up on occasion.
Other than that I cannot see many issues.  However what's wrong with keeping these configuration properties together with the configuration objects?  Keeping the configuration in one place may have advantages for us later when we clean things up and put all these parameters into the DIT under the system partition for DIT based configuration.
Also I we need to think about what users might prefer.  It might be easier for embedders to have all the configuration options available in the startup configurations either as part of that object or as a contained object like the PartitionConfiguration etc.  I think access should still occur from this central location so users can drill down into contained objects etc with ease.  Or can this be done with what you're suggesting?