It sure would be nice if we can get you Norval and Marc working together on a VD implementation.  Perhaps the Penrose people can jump in too but I think they're not interested in going the way of the ASL because of business reasons.
Regardless there's a lot of interest here.  Can we reach some critical mass?

On 3/15/07, Norval Hope <> wrote:
Thanks for the info Emmanuel!
We must indeed have missed something (most probably in the twix to snickers transformation). I'll pass on your note to the guy who was working on the proxy in the past.

I've been buried in an alpha release, now a beta and soon a full release but plan to catch up with the trunk again soon (most probably when 1.5.0 is released) as I'll have to work out how to retrofit my old "dynamic schema from .schema file" solution to all the new schema stuff you guys have been working away on. I can imagine that the ".schema => equivalent schema objects in schema partition" job won't be too hard (I already have a parser taking .schema to now defunct bootstrap registry objects - so I just have to change to a different output representation) but I'm not sure how to quickly and robustly remove contributions from .schema files (or not actually store them) so they are transient, and aren't persisted over AD server restarts. For VD type solutions you want to discover them at runtime, next time you start up there may be different VD partitions accessible with different schemas so you want to add them only as they are discovered.