This is wicked cool ... hurry up and commit the darn BigInteger -> Long replacement :).

Thanks E!

On 3/13/07, Emmanuel Lecharny <> wrote:
Hi guys,

this is the first time I do some tests against ADS 1.5. The results are
quite interesting. Here are the very first comment I can make :

1) The best result I can get is around 160 random search requests per
second (sun JVM, not frankly the fastest one ..., 10K entries, 10K
random searches). FYI, 1.0 was able to deliver 215 req/s back in
october, on my laptop
2) 1.5 using Long instead of BigInteger is much faster, 225 req/s, which
is slightly faster than ADS 1.0

Don't be afraid : a *lot* of things has been added in 1.5, without any
performance improvment being introduced so far. This test was not done
to see if ADS 1.5 was good or bad, but to see what can be the difference
if the backend stores Long instead of BigInteger for indices. And so
far, the result is impressive : 40% improvment !

I'm just begging about introducing this change in 1.0 to see how faster
the server will be now ;)

Ok, now, we have a lot of fat and nasty bugs to fix in 1.5, so
performance tests are postponed until we release the 1.5.0 version,
soon. Then we will try to improve the beast. (make it work first, then
make it go faster)