On 3/12/07, Aron Sogor <asogor@buni.org> wrote:

I am working on a project called Meldware at buni.org. I would like to
expose our AddressBook to TBird/Evolution using LDAP.

I would like to resurrect your simple .sar deployment in JBOSS, and make
it part of your the DS offering.  How stable is the 1.5 line, or better
done in 1.0x line?

Aron to answer your question 1.5 is stable and usable with the dynamic schema feature
and the almost operational replication capabilities.  Note however that this (trunk) is our
feature introduction branch.  We use odd minor numbers to denote feature introduction branches
as opposed to bug fix branches.
1.5.0 should be released sometime soon and it's a great time for us to make sure that the sar
module actually works.  This would be the place to make your changes.  We could back port
your fixes to the sar module to the 1.0 branch as well.

After talking with Alex, what is everybody's feel,
interest to collaborate?