Hi all,

I spoke to Aron last week after an introduction from Andy Oliver.  He's interested
in making ApacheDS work with JBoss and their interesting project at buni.org.  I
had asked Aron to post to the list so we could introduce him to the group.


3/12/07, Aron Sogor <asogor@buni.org> wrote:

I am working on a project called Meldware at buni.org. I would like to
expose our AddressBook to TBird/Evolution using LDAP.

I would like to resurrect your simple .sar deployment in JBOSS, and make
it part of your the DS offering.  How stable is the 1.5 line, or better
done in 1.0x line? After talking with Alex, what is everybody's feel,
interest to collaborate?