If memory serves me correctly then this was to enable custom schema partitions
without the need to install a partition to the deployed ApacheDS distributed with an
embedding application.

I think this is useful stuff sure.  If you want to make sure it works just run all the
integration tests with a mvn -Dintegration test at the top of the apacheds project.


On 3/11/07, David Jencks < david_jencks@yahoo.com> wrote:
Back when I still had some free time I rearranged some of the
bootstrap setup code so that you could come up with bootstrap
partitions pretty much from your maven config, see DIRSERVER-834.  I
got to the point that all the tests worked but I don't know how to
find out if this would break any of the situations in which ds is
actually used.    I think this might still be generally useful, for
instance it looks to me as if Enrique is having a similar problem
getting the schemas he wants set up for tests.

I'd be happy to check the patch and update it if necessary to make
the tests pass again, but I still don't know how to find out if it
would break anything else.

Is anyone else interested in this, and can they help with making sure
the actual servers work?  Is there another way to do this now?

david jencks