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From "Norval Hope" <>
Subject Handling unicode UTF8 characters in RDNs/DNs
Date Thu, 15 Mar 2007 13:45:48 GMT
Hi All,

I seem to be having a problem with non-seven bit ascii characters in RDN
values and wanted to check my understanding is correct before raising a JIRA
etc (I'm using a pretty out of date version of AD 1.5 - pre the schema
changes). I wanted to test having a non-seven bit ascii char in an RDN do I
submitted an add request for an inetOrgPerson with DN
"uid=fred\E9,ou=system" (\E9=decimal 233 using what I gathered was the right
approach from rfc2253) from JXPlorer but I found by the time the request had
arrived in LdapProtocolProvider.LdapProtocolHandler.messageReceived() the DN
was "uid=fred\C3\A9,ou=system".

Am I doing something wrong, or does this problem ring any bells for anyone?
It seems to me that (if it's not user error on my part) there is either
something wrong in the Sun JNDI client or something wrong in the AD LDAP


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