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From "Emmanuel Lecharny" <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release ADS 1.5.0, take 2 : results
Date Thu, 29 Mar 2007 12:01:27 GMT
Hi Erik,

I'm not sure if you received or not my answer to your question, so here it
is :


I suspect that there is a problem in your configuration file, or that you
have changed an existing class.

Could you copy/paste the server.xml file you are using ? (do *not* attach
it, because the mailer will discard attachements). It would also be
interesting to know which kind of modification you have done.

What the stack trace exposes is that when classLoading the configuration
elements, a class is using an innerclass expecting some specific method or
member which has been change.

Maven has a special magic (is this called black magic?) to inject new jars
in your local repo :


I'm happy that you found a way to make it run, though. And I agree that
error which simply vanish are error which are hidden somwhere :)

This is quite an interesting usage of ADS you are doing. And this is
definitively somthing we want to add as a feature in one of our next
release. Maybe you would consider contribute to this new project ? Of
course, I don't know if this is something your current company will allow,
but if it's possible, that will be a good news for the community !

Have fun with ADS, and give us some feedback :)


On 3/29/07, Erik Hamrin <> wrote:
>  Hi!
> My name is Erik Hamrin, yesterday I posted on the Apache DS mailing list
> about including my own .jar-files into my project. You posted an answer that
> I for some reason did not recieve, so I use this way to get in touch with
> you instead.
> I would just like to let you know that I managed to work it out. After
> getting the jars in place, the beanDefinitionErrors in my server.xmldisappeared. Right
now the server has been running under constant stress for
> 12 h now and it looks OK to me. How ever I am not thrilled that errors "just
> disappear". Should I hit any more snags, I´ll post anew.
> I don´t know if it still is of importance but I am rewriting (or maybe
> rather "I am hijacking") apache ds to work as a lightweight LDAP proxy. We
> are building a test bed for a component and need a simple decoder/encoder,
> so we stripped apache DS of most its code and kept just what we needed. =D
> Sorry the reply came this way, but since I could not post on the maillist
> I still wanted to say thanks for looking att the messy stacktrace.
> Blue skies!!!
> //Erik
>  ------------------------------
> *From:* Emmanuel Lecharny []
> *Sent:* den 29 mars 2007 13:38
> *To:* Apache Directory Developers List
> *Subject:* [VOTE] Release ADS 1.5.0, take 2 : results
> Hi dear Apache Directory Server Users and Committers !
> The second vote for ADS 1.5.0 version is now closed. We have received 8
> +1, no veto.
> We will start the release process in the next few hours, and will inform
> everyone about it.
> We will have to :
> - tag the release,
> - generate the packages,
> - feed the repo and maven repos,
> - update the site with the news,
> - do a last VSLDAP test
> Then we should try to put some more documentation on the site about ADS
> 1.5, because we have not a lot currently :)
> If someone could carry the load of writing a kind of PR paper, in good
> english (it won't be me ;), that would be kindfull !
> Thanks everyone for the good work, and gather all your energy for the next
> version, 1.5.1 : we have more than 50 bugs to fix, and a lot of new
> features to add (SASL being one of the most interesting one, thanks to
> Enrique tremandous work !)
> Emmanuel Lécharny
> --
> Cordialement,
> Emmanuel Lécharny

Emmanuel Lécharny

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