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From "Emmanuel Lecharny" <>
Subject Curious bug with 1.5.0...
Date Wed, 28 Mar 2007 15:57:40 GMT
Hi guys,

I'm experiencing a very strange bug with the latest version of ADS
1.5.0(the one we are currently voting), and this is a strange bug
because I don't
get the error on a linux computer, only on my mac OSx, with the latest java
version (1.5.0-07-164). It seems that the
java.naming.ldap.attributes.binaryproperty is not set at all on my
computer, and I get a warning when
launching the server :

WARN [] - Could not
find java.naming.ldap.attributes.binary key in environment.  Using empty set
for binaries.

I never had this error before, so I suspect it to be related to Apple jvm,
which has been updated recently on my mac.

However, the server code was not very deffensive when this environment
variable was not set, so I have fixed it.

I'm just puzzled that it exploded in my face only today.

Anyone ever experinced the very same problem ?

(you can test the server using LdapStudio, and requesting the rootDSE)

Emmanuel Lécharny

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