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From "Emmanuel Lecharny" <>
Subject Re: [LDAP DAS] Efficient Updating of Persisted Objects
Date Wed, 21 Mar 2007 17:09:55 GMT
I just wanted to make something really clear, but I don't want to be
misunderstood :

There are two kinds of developpement :
1) Client side developpement, where you try to improve maintenability of the
code, because performance is not really the main issue (generally speaking,
when it comes to performance, you easily find out that the team was simply
not able to use the tools).
2) Server side developpement, where you have to deal with many different
clients, and the internal performance of the server is priority #1, of
course in pair with quality of developpement

Sometime, it's better to ditch a good tool if the order of performance you
get out of it is simply inacceptable. Even if you have the best
architecture, if performance sucks, your server sucks. People are not really
using DB, App servers or Ldap server with 10 000 req/s (we are not always
working with companies like E-bay or Amazon), but even then, they are asking
for those kind of performances. You can see this all over the news, company
building servers are doing speed tests, and are giving numbers which does
not have any sense ... That's simply a fact.

So, now, to be sure that I'm not discouraging anyone : this is *not* because
performance matters than we should *not* think about using new tools, and
new technos. Simply, when you think about a new way to do things, for ADS,
you will have to think about performance.

The best solution would certainly to go a little bit deeper, and try to
build some kind of small prototypes. Sometime, the advantage of using a
layer which slow down the server but ease a *lot* the implementation and
evolution of the server is much more valuable than a 2 or 3 ms gain on an
operation :)

Btw, now that we have almost closed the 1.5.0 version, I will run some perfs
tests like I did one year ago. I hope to be able to profile the server, and
to find some interesting bottleneck.

Guys, let's keep on the good works, don't stand up on the brakes, sometime
ideas will be dismissed, and sometime they will be so brigt that they may
take time to go through our half-dead brains ;)


Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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