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From "Emmanuel Lecharny" <>
Subject Re: R: [ApacheDS] Password refresh
Date Fri, 16 Mar 2007 10:50:49 GMT
On 3/16/07, Flavio Minori <> wrote:
> Hello Emmanuel,
> thanks for the reply.
> I am going to check the links you gave me.
> I use JXplorer to browse the APACHE DS and I noticed something that I am
> not
> able to explain myself, those are the steps:
> - I connect with my user, then I remove the userPassword attribute and
> submit it (so            the userPassword attribute exists with a blank
> value).
> - I change the password and disconnect.
> - Now, I connect again with the new password and it works!
> Can u tell me why seems that JXplorer can remove the principal/credentials
> from the authenticationCache without a LDAPServer restart?

Ooops, I think we have fixed the issue in the 1.0.1 version :

This is why it now works for you with JXplorer.

In your code, you have to know that the credentials are kept alive until the
user disconnect. It may be improved.

Might it be that it is a simple error on my code and not related to any bug?

Don't know at this point ...
If you can build a very simple test which expose your problem, we can try to
find a fix for it.

What about filling an issue on JIRA with this piece of code so that we try
to add it to the 1.0.2 release ? (we are trying to release this version very
soon, so it's good timing )


PS : FYI, we have LdapStudio which is also a ldapBrowser you can try : It's not yet an official release,
but the Ldap browser is pretty much ok, I think.

Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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