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From "Alex Karasulu" <>
Subject Re: [Schema] How do I write a new ObjectClass to ApacheDS
Date Thu, 29 Mar 2007 01:49:43 GMT
Hi Ole,

On 3/28/07, Ole Ersoy <> wrote:

> Hey Alex,
> Yes - I think we're getting warmer!
> Here's the thing.  Suppose I want to store an object that has String
> members
> shoeSize
> weight
> height
> name
> etc.
> I probably have name on some ObjectClass already defined in ApacheDS.
> However I still want to duplicate name on a completely different
> ObjectClass.

No problem.  Really it does not matter; you can create a new xyzName
attribute.  Sometimes that's not so bad.  Now I see that you want to
autogenerate a schema from the Class
metadata and creating the attributes for your objectClass with namespace
qualification might
be a good idea.

> The ObjectClass I want has a 1:1 correspondence with the Java Class I
> want to store.
> That way a simple convention can be used to store the object, and no
> configuration file
> or index searching is needed to include a preexisting ObjectClass that
> has the name attribute on it.

Yep I agree (now that I understand your motives more) just create all the
metadata you need on the fly to establish the mapping.

> I guess I could create an index with all the LDAP attributeTypes and
> look to see whether a certain attribute
> already exists, and use it, but I think it's simpler just to create a
> brand new ObjectClass.

Nah don't bother.

> Which leads me to another question.
> Can ObjectClass names have periods or underscores in them
> For Instance there's inetOrgPerson?
> Could it be

I think so.

> The reason I ask is because I want to create ObjectClasses on the fly
> that are namespaced.


SNIP ...
Hope fishing was a blast.  I'm sure you're really glad to out of the
Sun, blue clear water,
and cool breeze environment and  be back in front of a monitor.

Hey I still have a few more days to go :).  It's not over yet.


Alex Karasulu wrote:
> Hi Ole,
> Looks like you got some good advice already.  Let me just add one more
> suggestion
> while you're looking into creating a schema.  Sometimes you'll find
> that the
> attributeTypes and objectClasses you're looking for are already
> defined in published
> schemas.
> For example for users you might want to take a look at something like
> inetOrgPerson etc.
> Second I suppose you're thinking of staying bleeding edge by using 1.5
> rather than using
> 1.0.  I'd recommend this.  And if so then merely adding the schema
> description entry for
> the objectClass in the ou=schema partition in the appropriate place
> should work.  The schema
> is dynamic in 1.5 but I guess Emmanuel and Stephan already pointed
> this out.
> I will try to back read this thread.  As you can imagine I have a lot
> to catch up on since
> I've been on vacation fishing all week :D.  Yeah I don't miss LDAP he he.
> Regards,
> Alex
> On 3/28/07, *Ole Ersoy* <
> <>> wrote:
>     Hey Guys,
>     I'm in the middle of designing the DAS and
>     decided that I can probably make it way more efficient
>     if I create an ObjectClass per Java Class that I want to write to
>     ADS.
>     So how do I programmatically create a ObjectClass and store it
>     in ApacheDS?
>     Do we have a description somewhere or is this a standard JNDI thing?
>     Here's a little further elaboration on what I want to do for those
>     interested.
>     Keep in mind this is just an example.  The Class User could be any
>     java
>     class used in a model.
>     I have a Java Class >> User
>     The Class User has String members [firstName, lastName, password]
>     So I want to create a Structural ObjectClass in ApacheDS so that
>     I can add it as an attribute to the DN where a User instance will be
>     stored (The java object instance).
>     If I were doing this in a relational database, I would create a table
>     definition instead of a ObjectClass.
>     So I'm looking for something like this:
>     ObjectClass objectClass = LDAPSchemaFactory.createObjectClass();
>     objectClass.setName("User");
>     ObjectClassAttribute objectClassAttribute =
>     LDAPSchemaFactory.createObjectClassAttribute();
>     objectClassAttribute.setName("firstName");
>     objectClassAttribute.setType(LDAP_STRING_ATTRIBUTE_TYPE);
>     Then I would do something like:
>     ctx.storeObjectClass(objectClass);
>     The objectClass can now be assigned as an attribute to an ADS entry,
>     and if we were to look at all the ObjectClasses in ADS through
>     JXPlorer
>     or LDAP Studio,
>     we would see the User ObjectClass in the list.
>     Does that make sense?
>     Thanks,
>     - Ole

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