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From "Alex Karasulu" <>
Subject Re: [SASL] SASL configuration
Date Fri, 16 Mar 2007 01:03:14 GMT

On 3/15/07, Enrique Rodriguez <> wrote:
> On 3/15/07, Alex Karasulu <> wrote:
> > Yeah sure the LdapConfiguration is good ... just put it under the
> > configuration now.
> NP.  I would like to do a Kerberos bean at the same time, though.
> Like I said, we have the class for it, it was just never read in
> server-main's Service.  Should be one line, possibly some
> troubleshooting but really minor and IMO, worth it.  Without
> KdcConfiguration and its doco, GSSAPI is as good as broken.

Cool can you put this under ServerStartupConfiguration as well.  We can
reeval this
all later.  For now let's keep it all in the same place and we can change it
when the time comes.

> Not shooting you down here but I want to be more involved and have more
> eyes
> > on
> > these changes with consideration for the big picture.  Right now the
> less
> > movement
> > we have to get the job done with SASL the better because who knows if we
> > have the
> > right direction.
> >
> > I promise to give you more time with either a 1.5.1 or a 1.5.2refactoring
> > release where
> > we can just focus on how to refactor and clean things like this up.  But
> > while doing this
> > we should not be working on Replication or SASL or any feature.  I want
> no
> > tunnel vision
> > specific to a feature addition to clutter our vision while refactoring.
> >
> > Cool?
> Sounds good.  Thanks everyone for the feedback this week.  I know I
> dropped a lot of questions, but I think I have everything answered.
> I'll wrap up SASL this weekend.

NP at all.  This was great on list interaction.  I'm sure many people
benefitted from it.

I just wished I could answer all your questions faster but this move is
getting in my
way.  Will be settled soon so my responses should get faster.


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