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From "Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot" <>
Subject [Vote] [LDAP Studio] Release LDAP Studio 0.7.0 ?
Date Fri, 30 Mar 2007 17:25:36 GMT
Hi Directory developers,

We have been working on Apache Directory LDAP Studio 0.7.0 since 0.6.0 was
released, one and a half months ago.
Many bugs have been fixed and a lot of improvements have been made.

With the imminent release of Apache Directory Server 1.5.0, it would be a
good timing to release Apache Directory LDAP Studio 0.7.0 in the same time

It would let us around a month to prepare a new version for ApacheCon Europe
that will certainly feature a new ACI Item Editor Plugin, a new LDAP Proxy
Plugin, and (if we have the time) a new dedicated Dynamic Schemas Editor
Plugin for Apache Directory Server 1.5.

Here are the Release Notes for Apache Directory LDAP Studio 0.7.0:
* [DIRSTUDIO-1] - DSML Parser does not throw an exception when it doesn't
find a requestID attribute when processing=parallel and
* [DIRSTUDIO-4] - Selection in Schema
* [DIRSTUDIO-31] - Source Code View of a schema is not refreshed when one of
its objectclasses or attributetypes is updated.
* [DIRSTUDIO-57] - Search Result editor isn't initialized properly
* [DIRSTUDIO-63] - Should not package ui-forms in
* [DIRSTUDIO-64] - Unable to modify an Attribute Type's OID
* [DIRSTUDIO-69] - Problems with search base and DN serialization

* [DIRSTUDIO-33] - Add syntax coloring to the Source Code view of AT, OC &
Schema editors
* [DIRSTUDIO-35] - Disable action icons of the Schemas view when actions are
not available
* [DIRSTUDIO-39] - Allow the user to switch between 'Standard schemas files'
and 'Use specific schemas files' without having to relaunch the application.

* [DIRSTUDIO-40] - Source Code view of an AT or OC should reflect the
changes made in the graphical editor
* [DIRSTUDIO-44] - Add small hover icon identifiers for OC and AC to
differenciate them
* [DIRSTUDIO-49] - Improve history navigation
* [DIRSTUDIO-51] - Add a way to get the OC which use an AT
* [DIRSTUDIO-52] - may and must ATs are not sorted
* [DIRSTUDIO-53] - Bad search incon in the Schema perspective
* [DIRSTUDIO-55] - Adding 'instant search' into entry creation
* [DIRSTUDIO-56] - Automatic completion of inherited OC
* [DIRSTUDIO-58] - Improve the Hierarchy View
* [DIRSTUDIO-59] - Add a Schema Field in the AT/OC editors
* [DIRSTUDIO-61] - Pressing the down key in the search field of the Search
View should pass the focus to the search results table
* [DIRSTUDIO-66] - Refresh of the LDAP Browser viewer after import

New Feature
* [DIRSTUDIO-7] - OID View
* [DIRSTUDIO-41] - Add an Overview page on the Schema Editor that displays
all ATs and OCs of the schema

All packages for Mac OS X, Linux i386, Linux PPC and Windows have been
generated and are available at this address :

Let's vote now:
[ ] +1 Release LDAP Studio 0.7.0
[ ] +/-0 Abstain
[ ] -1 Do not release LDAP Studio 0.7.0

Best regards,


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