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From Quanah Gibson-Mount <>
Subject Re: Benchmarks feedback
Date Tue, 27 Mar 2007 20:15:12 GMT
--On Tuesday, March 27, 2007 4:04 PM -0400 Alex Karasulu 
<> wrote:

> On 3/27/07, Quanah Gibson-Mount <> wrote:
> Java based load generators are just fine.  I guess this is a tactic to
> toot the OpenLDAP (C) horn
> and bash Java while doing it: subtle but apparent.  Even Java clients are
> not good
> enough I guess :/.

No, that wasn't the intent.  The fact is, a single C based client can 
generate 25 times more authentications/second than a single slamd client. 
So, that would mean I could use 75% fewer clients if I could use C, to 
generate a similar load.

> The whole point to load generators is to increase the number of them as
> needed to
> blast the server with as much load to saturate it.  If one load injector
> is not sufficient then
> increase the number.  SLAMD does the job nicely.

Well, actually, it is a little more than that.  The more clients you put on 
a single system, the worse things get.  I currently use 5 systems with 4 
clients each, for a total of 20 clients.  Fewer servers with more clients 
performs worse.

> One of the advantages to SLAMD is it's simplicity and the fact that it is
> a platform.  It's easy to write
> quick tests using Java and load them.  If you want to write a C based
> platform that's just as easy to use
> to do the same thing then be my guest.  However I don't think it's going
> to go that far.

I would hope it would be built with some type of test template engine.  In 
any case, certainly none has been written so far. ;)  I'm just always on 
the lookout for something else.


Quanah Gibson-Mount
Senior Systems Software Developer
ITS/Shared Application Services
Stanford University
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