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From "Enrique Rodriguez" <>
Subject Re: [OT] VMware ESX + BEA Liquid VM
Date Tue, 27 Mar 2007 04:58:19 GMT
On 3/26/07, John E. Conlon <> wrote:
> Enrique Rodriguez wrote:
> > ...
> > "With VMware's help, BEA ditches the operating system" (URL may wrap)
> >,289142,sid94_gci1234289,00.html
> >
> Sounds good, but will it be Open Source?

I doubt it.  These particular vendors have a history of free versions, though.

> > I've worked a decent amount with VMware and Xen running infrastructure
> > services.  If not specifically any of the aforementioned vendors, then
> > at least this model (VM tight to the hardware) has a lot of merit;
> > partly for performance but mostly for management.
> >
> > I also think it has a big role to play in what we're trying to do at
> > the Directory project.  For a long time I thought JNode was the answer
> > here, but this "operating system-less" model is even tighter.
> Why is so different between BEAs offering and JNode other than offering
> the ability of the running the BEA JVM alongside partitions with full
> OSes.

Besides differences in product maturity and performance, IMO the most
important difference is the promise of their tools for managing large
numbers of hosts/VMs.

> In spite of the BEA offering instead of eliminating the JNODE  I could
> see why the following three options could all still apply to ADS.
> 1.  for a Dedicated appliance server = JNODE + ADS
> 2.  for a Multipurpose Desktop =  Native OS + JVM + ADS
> 3.  for a Dedicated server = VMWare + BEA Liquid JVM + ADS
>  From our stand point, being Java based do we care which of the 3
> alternatives are chosen by our users?

>From our standpoint as developers, we don't care.  But, from my
perspective as a former Fortune 200 IT director, our ability to "play
nice" with highly-desirable datacenter infrastructure is an important
differentiator.  This will be a selling-point that proprietary and
other non-Java open-source solutions won't have.


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