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From "Enrique Rodriguez" <>
Subject [core] Loading stored-procedures and setting triggers
Date Fri, 16 Mar 2007 19:03:51 GMT
Hi, Directory developers,

1)  Has anyone given any thought to where we would put the
initialization code for administrative triggers and stored

For review, in the ITest there are 2 key lines:

  a)  Where the stored procedure is loaded:

// Load the stored procedure unit which has the stored procedure to be
JavaStoredProcedureUtils.loadStoredProcedureClass( ctx, BackupUtilities.class );

  b)  Where the trigger is added:

// Create the Trigger Specification within a Trigger Subentry.
createTriggerSubentry( ctx, "triggerSubentry1", "AFTER Delete CALL \""
+ BackupUtilities.class.getName() + ".backupDeleted\" ( $ldapContext
\"\", $name, $operationPrincipal, $deletedEntry )" );

The use case here is that I would like to automatically derive
Kerberos keys for users when they modify userPassword.  So, I have an
SP that I need to load into the DIT and I have a trigger that I need
to set on the ou=users subtree.  Short term this could be added to
ServerContextFactory, after the backend is started and any LDIF's
loaded.  We could potentially have a lot of them for various
server/admin tasks.

2)  Also, what would the process look like for checking if the SP and
trigger already exist?  Would we just load/set them again since it's
not harmful, like we do with loading LDIF's at startup?

3)  What are the pros/cons with doing this with a trigger/SP vs. an
Interceptor?  The major thing is the "scope," right?  Meaning a
trigger/SP can apply to subtree/subtree refinements (TEDs), while an
interceptor wouldn't have those semantics by default.  Any other


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