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From "Enrique Rodriguez" <>
Subject [SASL] SASL configuration, part 2
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2007 03:36:50 GMT
Hi, Directory developers,

I wrote a quick LdapConfiguration bean and moved minor config to it,
to make sure I knew how to get a bean loaded and into the
ServerContextFactory.  I'm now ready to move more parameters to this
bean.  In case it wasn't clear from my last email on consolidating
LDAP protocol config into a bean called LdapConfiguration and placing
it in the 'protocol-ldap' module, I mocked-up an example of what
configuring such a bean might look like:

As you can see this combines the parameters used by the LDAP protocol
in their own bean and then adds in the required parameters currently
hard-coded in SASL's ConfigureChain.  To be clear, this REMOVES LDAP
protocol parameters from the StartupConfiguration hierarchy.  Besides
having a nice but minor effect on our dependency graph, IMO it is also
clearer for admins to have all the LDAP protocol config in one place.

I'd like to wire this up for real and commit it.  We can of course
tweak names and do more advanced config later; mostly I want to make
sure it's OK to make a moderately invasive change to
StartupConfiguration/ServerContextFactory.  I need to do something for
SASL and I'd rather not pack more config options into the
StartupConfiguration hierarchy.


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