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From "Enrique Rodriguez" <>
Subject Re: [LDAP] Merging server-ssl with protocol-ldap
Date Fri, 09 Mar 2007 22:23:07 GMT
On 3/9/07, Emmanuel Lecharny <> wrote:
> ...
> > server-ssl only has 2 classes in it and it is setting up a really
> > problematic cyclic dependency with core-unit, server-unit, and
> > server-jndi.
> I think that the cyclic dependency can be solved if we modify the
> LdapsITest class : it uses Attribute(s)Impl when it should use
> BasicAttribute(s) instead.

If you look at server-ssl, you'll see that LdapsInitializer is minor
utility code for loading a cert from a keystore and using it to
initialize an SSLContext.  The other class is a stub for an
X509TrustManager.  The bulk of the SSL work is in mina-filter-ssl, so
it's not like I'm suggesting we merge major SSL functionality into

The AttributeImpl you mention is from shared-ldap.  The problem is
that the test uses AbstractServerTest from server-unit, which uses
MutableServerStartupConfiguration from server-jndi.  server-jndi also
contains ServerContextFactory, which is where the SslFilter is being
changed from reflection to construction, hence the cyclic dependency.
The problem may be solved by moving the ITest to server-unit, where
the other integration tests seem to be migrating.  But then we're back
to having 2 minor classes in their own module.

> > We never noticed the cycle before because the SslFilter
> > was class-loaded using reflection and when I use normal construction
> > m2 flags it and ceases to build.  The only reason I could see to have
> > server-ssl separate was, again, the JDK 1.5+ issue, which is gone now.
> >
> > I would do this in the SASL branch.  I think it makes sense to deal
> > with more tightly integrating SSL at the same time as SASL, since it's
> > all part of a cohesive LDAP protocol impl.
> Yeah, but the point is that it would also be cool to separate SSL
> handling from Ldap protocol., IMHO. For SASL, that's a totally different
> story, but anyway, a server-sasl could also be a good idea, because we
> never know if another mechanism may be invented or added.

Again, the SSL handling is in mina-filter-ssl.  Also, when Start TLS
moves over, we'll have redundant code since LdapsInitializer returns a
built filter chain and StartTLS does dynamic filter insertion on
receipt of a Start TLS command.  So, we'll have even less in


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