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From Ole Ersoy <>
Subject [Documentation] Partition Suffix Documentation Update
Date Sat, 31 Mar 2007 23:54:03 GMT
I'm going through the documentation right now:

This section:

Adding Own Partition Suffix Documentation

says the following in the beginning:

In ApacheDS entries are stored in partitions, each partition contains a 
complete entry tree. Multiple partitions may exist, the entry trees they 
contain are disconnected to each other.

Should it be stated like this?

In ApacheDS a set of entries
forming a directory tree
is contained in partition.
The root of the directory tree is the partition.
ApacheDS comes with 3 partitions (Also referred to as partition 
suffixes) by default:
dc=example, dc=org

(I think the below statement becomes obvious and can be removed, unless 
we intend to elaborate more
( to an elaboration of) what "the entry trees they contain are 
disconnected >>>FROM (Was to) each other)

[I put but don't think necessary]
The sets of entries contained by these partitions are
mutually exclusive.


I'll be glad to update these, just point me to the source.
I'm also working on a concepts document that we can hyperlink to.

- Ole

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