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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: [Terminology] Partition?
Date Sat, 31 Mar 2007 19:51:28 GMT
Ole Ersoy a écrit :

> When we talk about a partition we are talking about
> something like
> DN: ou=system right?

Yes and no. At least, 'ou=system' is necessary a partition, but only 
because it's a DN with a single RDN. What we call a partition is not 
exactly a Ldap term, but the physical implementation of a DIT (Directory 
Information Tree). A Ldap server may contains more than one DIT (in ADS, 
we have 3 : 'cn=schema', 'ou=system' and 'dc=example, dc=org'), and has 
a special DIT called rootDSE (which is in memory).

If you consider a DN, it has three parts :
[entry name], [path to this entry], [root/DIT]

For instance, in 'ou=system' partition / DIT, for 
'ou=partitions,ou=configuration,ou=system', you have the entry 
'ou=partitions', the path 'ou=configuration' (which is an entry) and the 
root 'ou=system', which is a partition.

Last point, 'dc=example, dc=org' is a partition, but you can't ask for 
'dc=org' entry.

> In other words the DN: ou=system is one partition
> And then if I add
> DN: ou=com
> then that's another partition?

If you declare it to be a partition into the server.xml file. Here, a 
partition is really like a file system, you have to mount it before 
using it.

> Is this standard LDAP speak, or ADS dialect?

I would say ADS.

> Thanks,
> - Ole



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