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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: ou=system is parent context for all entries?
Date Fri, 30 Mar 2007 21:13:44 GMT
Ole Ersoy a écrit :

> OK - 40 characters per line huh? :-)
> Sure I like them short as well.
Thanks ! This is much better like this :)

> Yes - All the information will still be in ADS at runtime.
> It's just that ADS's configuration could be pointed to other
> configurations files as well.  The criteria would
> be to avoid having users enter configuration
> information in multiple locations, which
> is sometimes necessary, because
> tooling will define it's own
> configuration file.

If conf is in the server, then you will benefit from the replication 
mechanism, so no need to spread files everywhere!

> Anyways - I just threw it out there as something to be
> aware of in case we come across more scenarios,...we'll
> have some collective memory.  It feels like a low priority item to me.

Yep, me too. We are just thinking about it for 2.0...

>> I don't really like this scenario (but this is just me). I would 
>> favor a Ldap self-described server.
> Yes - I usually like everything in one place whenever possible.
> But I want to eliminate duplication of information always.
> So if down the line we start running into situations where
> information needs to be duplicated in multiple configuration
> files I'll probably do a prototype.

Replication is the way to go : no manual duplication ;)

>> PS: I don't know which mail UI you are using, but it would be very 
>> cool for us if you can :
>> - avoid mails with 40 chars per line (I think that almost 99,99% of 
>> us have at least 1024x768 wide screens ... )
>> - avoid adding an empty line between each lines
>> - and avoid keeping the whole thread at the end of each mail.
> I usually always put the thread at the beginning of the mail.
> I wonder if Thunderbird is doing something funky...
> It always starts me at the bottom and I have to scroll to the top.

not a big deal. May be are you sending mails using HTML or some fancy 
decorator ?

> If you see any more where the Thread is at the end of the mail,
> send it to me and I'll see what's up.  Thanks.

This message is ok. You just kept the necessary bits of information 
needed to follow the thread, discarding all the boring text we all have 
in previous mails :)
Thanks !

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