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From Ole Ersoy <>
Subject Re: ou=system is parent context for all entries?
Date Fri, 30 Mar 2007 19:59:42 GMT

Sweet - So the process for

that wishes to have

DN: ou=engineering, ou=example, ou=org

as the parent context for all their models persisted with the LDAP DAS
would be to first add

DN: ou=engineering, ou=example, ou=org

in the configuration file,
then use that as the root context for all the DAS operations

java.naming.provider.url=ldap://localhost:389/ ou=engineering, 
ou=example, ou=org

Incidentally - Some might like it if
the DAS was able to just create this root context without using the 
configuration file.

Then ADS could just add it to the configuration file.


Thanks Stefan,
- Ole


This may qualify for as a scenario (John mentioned) where configuration 
data is in multiple files.

For instance right now I'm creating a model holding the configuration of 
the DAS.

The model stores this type of parameter

java.naming.provider.url=ldap://localhost:389/ ou=engineering, 
ou=example, ou=org

If on startup ADS could be pointed to this file, it would know that

ou=engineering, ou=example, ou=org

is a "Configured" context...

This type of thing is really easy to do with EMF.

More thoughts?

- Ole

Stefan Zoerner wrote:
> Ole Ersoy wrote:
>> Ahhh - OK -Cool - So
>> if the DAS wants to have a model root object
>> stored at
>> DN: cn=ole
>> That's ok?
>> So to create cn=ole as my initial context I would
>> set the
>> java.naming.provider.url=ldap://localhost:389/
>> like that, and then create the
>> subcontext "cn=ole"?
> No. That won't work. For a top level entry like that, you have to 
> create a new partition with suffix "cn=ole" within your server 
> configuration. Like the "dc=example,dc=com" sample partition.
> Greetings,
>     Stefan

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