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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject [VOTE] Release ADS 1.5.0, take 2
Date Mon, 26 Mar 2007 00:19:48 GMT
Hi dear ADS developpers, and users,

we are working on ADS 1.5 since, say, last july (when it has been formaly
named 1.1, and renamed to 1.5.0 in december). We have arrived at a point
where we think that this version, even if not perfect, seems stable enough
to deserve a release. Some late issues have been fixed since the first 
vote, so
now we are pretty much clean.

Many new features has been added, and we want to tag this version so that we
can handle bug reports more easily, help people working on new features to
merge with a new trunk, and also provide starving users with a brand new
version :)

Time to vote now :
[ ] +1 : let's release this beast !
[ ] 0   : I don't really care
[ ] -1  : I don't agree, we are not ready for a release

Thanks a lot !

Release Notes - Directory ApacheDS - Version 1.5.0
Bug :
----- - Embedded ApacheDS 
fails on parser exception if provider URL is an actual URL - Commons.Cli 
implemented in Bind - Incorrect matched 
DN in the bind response (and others depending on the result code) - 
LdapName.getPrefix(int) does not return prefix. - Filters with less 
specific attributes do not return matching entries with more specific 
attribute with the value - 
NormalizationService is not handling correctly a Name with a comma 
followed by a space in it: for instance "text1, text2" - JAR File Contents 
Cause JBoss Deployer To Fail - Corrupt database 
causes server startup to fail - ldap server is 
never shut down, since ldapStarted flag is never set - 
DefaultDirectoryService nulls members BEFORE calling 
serviceListener.afterShutdown(this) - apacheds-tools 
dump command does NOT generate the correct base 64 output for binary 
attributes in LDIF dump - Server allows 
adding multiple values to a single valued attribute - NamingException 
messages are thrown away by MessageHandlers - Concurrency 
problem when doing load tests - Creation of entry 
with multivalued RDN leads to wrong attribute value - If one tries to 
add an attribute without any value, an (illegal) attribute with empty 
value is created - If one tries to 
connect with an illegal LDAP protocol version, no error occurs - Possible to create 
entry which misses a required attribute - Searches with 
escaped characters in the base DN fail. - Netscape SDK: 
Adding an entry with two description attributes does not combine values. - Wrong search 
filter evaluation with AND operator and undefined operands - Replacing an 
unknown attribute with no values (deletion) causes an error - ApacheDS fails to 
start just after installation - Problem creating 
subContext with a Name Object. - System partition 
cache parameters cannot be tuned - Can't query schema 
in optimizations branch/1.1 Trunk - Modification of an 
attribute which is part of a DN should not be possible - server.xml needs 
fixing due to changed property name - Can't connect with 
JXplorer - Schema is no 
longer served - valid ModifyDN 
operations fail with resultcode 32 - Site: Issues-URL 
still points to DIREVE - Known Controls 
except PSearchControl cause NPE - Adding an entry 
with two description attributes does not combine values, if attribute 
values are seperated - Replacing an 
existing attribute with an attribute with no values leads to an 
(illegal) attribute with empty value - Trying to remove 
an attribute which is part of the RDN does not cause an error - Values in 
operational attributes creatorsName and modifiersName contain OID 
instead of attribute name - object class top 
missing in search result, if scope is base and attribute objectClass is 
requested explicitly - The 
SubentryService does not inject correct values for subentry operational 
attributes - Init shell script 
contains incompatible -X switch instead of -D for jmx console - Unable to match 
entry by X.509 certificate - RFC2713 
integration test fails - Delete operation 
fails due to decoder failure to properly read DN in request - All extended 
operations in apacheds-tools no longer function - EXPORT/IMPORT 
permissions are not handled correctly by the Authz service - Access control 
permission Import is only meaningful for prescriptive ACI - Build failure in 
trunks due to failing apacheds/server-tools tests - init script fails 
due to missing commands "success" and "failure" - Size limit on 
search does not work properly for Admin - Alias Problem - Referrals returned 
as regular entries after server restart - schema checking - Once deleted 
entries are still visible even though marked entryDeleted - One an entry is 
deleted or marked as deleted another entry with the same DN cannot be added. - Can't provide an 
instanceId with ServerStartupConfiguration - Restart required 
after changing password - The server fails 
to handle subtree refinement membership references in entries upon 
object class changes - Typo in all OID 
bases of all Apache schema entities. - jpegPhoto 
attribute is returned as a String by SearchResultEntry - Infinite loop 
while parsing a bad filter - Filter parser does 
not accept AND and OR filters with only one child filter - ACI parser hangs 
when using rangeOfValues with nested filter - Requesting 
collective attributes fails - 
getMessageTypeName() of LdapMessage returns wrong name for CompareResponse - Collective 
attributes are not injected upon polymorphic queries - Collective 
attributes should not be editable over regular entries they are injected to - Collective 
attributes should be prevented from being added to any entry whose type 
is not collectiveAttributeSubentry - Problem decoding 
search filter - venderVersion 
attribute contains maven placeholder as value - Windows Installer 
overwrites configuration - Trying to modify 
operational attributes does not cause appropriate errors - LDAP clients are 
able to modify the subschemaSubentry attribute - Importing Ldif 
files with apachedsTools seems to be impossible with some valid files - NPE in DnNormalizer - Storing byte[] 
values for textual AT is possible even if not allowed - NPE if launching 
ADS without any parameter - The server fails 
to handle subtree specification membership references in entries upon 
entry modifications - CreateTimestamp 
and ModifyTimestamp are sill using the startupTime of the server - Schema name 
resolution bug blocks the use of NOT operator in search expressions like 
(!(cn=Marek)) - 
javax.naming.NamingException when filter contains negation operation and 
value of attribute is specified - 
SimpleAuthenticator contains many potential pbs
Improvement :
------------- - Twix Support for 
LDAP Controls - If configuration 
object is missing in env to startup server a default 
StartupConfiguration can be presumed. - Configuration of 
cache size - An OSGi Activator 
can allow simple way for reconfiguration of without 
restarting the JVM. - Imporve cache 
managment - Enable 
configuration of max number of threads for apacheds - No way to set 
default time and size limits for non-admin users - Make synch period 
a tunable parameter in the configuration - Need to add LdapDN 
argument to Authenticator.authenticate() method - Add credential 
cache to SimpleAuthenticator - Add proper memory 
settings -Xms and -Xmx to windows installer/daemon service manager for 
the JVM settings - Add ldapj API 
usage for tests - Speed improvment 
in asn.1 encode method - More efficient 
handling of duplicate keys in indices - update to spring 1.2.8 - Avoid 
normalization when searching - Improve 
subtreeSpecification syntax (and functionality) - Implement new 
schema subsystem that allows for dynamic updates and schema autonomous 
areas. - Simplify default 
server.xml by using another property setting style for simple values and 
references - Schema partition 
bootstrap code should be more flexible and reliable - Add a setOid() 
method to AttributeTypeLiteral
New Features :
-------------- - Add Ldap Class 
Loader Support - Modification on an 
entry should always be flushed to the disk - Need tool to 
offline [re]build an index on attributes for VLDBs - Implement parsers 
and simple beans for all schema elements in RFC4512 - Provide a 
standalone filter evaluator implementation - Add extensions 
handling in ObjectClass and AttributeType grammar
Task :
------ - Add ACI for 
Administrators group if not already present - Update license 
headers to use new legal issued header. - Create a maven 
archetype for a schema project. - Write user guide 
doco on using the index rebuild tool - Need to implement 
ruleIdMatch matching rule which is in apachemeta.schema

Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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