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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release ADS 1.5.0
Date Thu, 22 Mar 2007 15:39:54 GMT
David Jencks a écrit :

> OK, I have an actual concern too, that I could actually investigate  
> if we had proposed release artifacts :-)
> What exactly is apacheds's use of bouncy castle code?  My  
> understanding of the status of the bouncy castle jar situation is  
> that apache projects cannot redistribute bouncy castle jars due to  
> the patent licensing problems.  (IANAL but my understanding is that  
> they ship code that infringes a software patent in the US but  
> apparently not in Australia where the jars originate) (I don't know  
> what it means but people say "IDEA algorithm")

Damn patents !!! They are everywhere... I also know about a STUPID jerk 
who patented the Xor operation on video screens (/U.S. Patent 4,197,590).../
/FYI, the claim made by MediaCrypt that the IDEA algorithm has been 
patented in France and Germany is just an imposture : Algorithm simply 
can't be patented in France and Germany (thanks god or whoever !).

Ok, we have a problem.
/ /

> Geronimo doesn't use the allegedly patented algorithm/code and we  
> resolved the situation by importing the non-questionable code into  
> geronimo and publishing our own jar.  If apacheds doesn't need the  
> allegedly patented stuff we would be on much firmer ground to use the  
> geronimo-util jar (if we missed some needed code that is not  
> allegedly infringing I'll be happy to help add it).  If apacheds does  
> need the allegedly patented code we may be in trouble.

That might be a good idea. And I don't see any other simple solution, 
but to remove the offending supposely patented damn IDEA code from BC 
jar. Let's do that and release 1.5.0 straight away, and let's do that 
for 1.0.2 too.

> thanks
> david jencks

Thank you, David. We were not even aware if this *stupid* (damn patents 
!) situation.


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