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From Ole Ersoy <>
Subject Re: [OSGi] Adding Manifests to Dependency Jars
Date Wed, 21 Mar 2007 00:26:10 GMT
Yeah - Sorry about that EMF thing man, however, I think Tuscany has a 
help clinic for EMF addicts.

If that does not work Soak b@lls in hot oil for 1 hour.

Who says headlines are bad????

OK - I'm starting work on the "Pure" RPM installer for ADS now, and 
somewhere along the way,
when I start seeing the whole picture end to end (in 2020), I'll add a 
template for OSGi manifest
generation and some mojo insertion lines.  Then we can just tweak it out.

- Ole

John E. Conlon wrote:
> Ole Ersoy wrote:
>> Hey John,
>> I got the RPM stuff uploaded and hope to have a users guide soon, 
>> after I clean up and
>> simplify a little.  BTW - Thanks for calling it imaginative and 
>> bold.  I look at that once in a while
>> when I need to get pumped up.  Usually I get "Less than useless, 
>>'ve completely lost it?,... and
>> they sell brains and Walmart you know?", so that definitely helps 
>> balance things out :-).
> Caveat - While a requested preventative ui feature in some 
> environments,  the "Burning Oil on B@lls"  experience is most 
> typically encountered in the process of attempting to preform some 
> kind of imaginative and bold act.  ;-)
>> I posted on the felix development list regarding the manifests 
>> insertion, but I'm still waiting on a reply.
>> I'll probably just run the felix plugin, see what it does, and create 
>> another repository processing equivalent.
>> That way it can be run before the RPM one is run, so that the jars 
>> are OSGi compliant.
> They may be OSGi compliant, but I don't expect the felix plugin 
> defaults will be enough to generate OSGi jars for ADS that will work.
>> I think the maven repository needs some scrubbing first though.  So 
>> many things to do!  Back to work.
>> Yeeehah!
>> Have a terrific weekend,
>> - Ole
> You too.
> BTW - I am blaming you for getting me interested in EMF.
> kind regards,
> John
>> John E. Conlon wrote:
>>> Hi Ole,
>>> Must say that your RPM effort is both imaginative and bold so I am 
>>> looking forward to seeing how it develops! Your right - for OSGi, 
>>> our jars and our dependency jars would require OSGi metadata, but I 
>>> think the idea of the RPMFactory adding that OSGi metadata might be 
>>> 'A Bridge too Far'.
>>> When the time comes for it I think ADS following the best practices 
>>> pioneered at Felix and using the osgi plugin would be the safest bet.
>>> BTW - The maven team is considering to dual purpose maven repos for 
>>> both development and OSGi application install/upgrades.  This will 
>>> allow a yum like install/upgrade service for OSGi applications via 
>>> the Felix Bundle Repository commands.
>>> kind regards,
>>> John
>>> Ole Ersoy wrote:
>>>> John,
>>>> You would probably be the one to answer this.
>>>> The RPM Factory will create RPMs out of all the maven repository jars.
>>>> I think for OSGi, those jars need to have a manifests added as well.
>>>> Would it be helpful if the RPMFactory generated the manifests and 
>>>> added them
>>>> to the jars prior to packaging them?
>>>> Cheers,
>>>> - Ole

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